MYM-08-08, Iglidur Split bush bore 8

PartNumber: MYM-08-08
Ном. номер: 8063583416
Производитель: Igus
MYM-08-08, Iglidur Split bush bore 8
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iglidur® Split Bush Kit iglidur ® Split Bush Kit

igus iglidur® Bush Kits
iglidur® kits offering a variety of plain plastic bush options in convenient kit form from igus®. iglidur® polymer bearings offer high performance characteristics across a wide and varied field of application including, but not limited to: automotive (gear shift linkage), mechanical excavator (operator's shock absorbing seat), mountain bike (suspension and other components), packaging machinery (lubricant-free bearings), catering equipment (chemical and corrosion-resistant bearings), model aircraft (aileron mounting), bottling plant (polymer bearings), offshore oil industry (plastic bearings for corrosive environment), and a whole host of other uses within a wide variety of applications.

Pneumatics, Hydraulics & Power Transmission

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Clip2 Bearing

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iglidur Clips2 Data Sheet MYM-08-08