N852S, N42a1001/ADH/S adhesive b

PartNumber: N852S
Ном. номер: 8010207827
Производитель: Eclipse Magnetics
N852S, N42a1001/ADH/S adhesive b
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Adhesive-Backed Disc Magnets
These adhesive-backed neodymium magnets from Eclipse Magnets feature 3M 486 adhesive backing for the best possible adhesion coupled with the strongest magnet material currently available.
Magnets can be used at temperatures up to a maximum of 80°C and feature a quick release tab for quick and effective removal of the adhesive backing liner.
Two polarity types are available – one with the North pole visible (/N versions) and one with the South pole visible (/S versions). If magnets are being used to magnetically attract mild steel surfaces either polarity version can be used – they both offer the same force; however, if magnets are used to attract one another – for example to close a cardboard folder – you will require a North pole version to attract a South pole version (opposite poles attract).

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Neodymium (NdFeB) Adhesive Backed Disc Magnets Data Sheet N852S