NEVO+600S-2-2-2-2, Modular PSU 600W 4.5V-15V

PartNumber: NEVO+600S-2-2-2-2
Ном. номер: 8105472534
Производитель: Vox Power Ltd
NEVO+600S-2-2-2-2, Modular PSU 600W 4.5V-15V
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Vox Power 600W Pre-configured Modular AC/DC Power Supply - NEVO+600S
NEVO+600S 600W pre‐configured enclosed modular power supply with a compact 5 x 3 inch x 1 U footprint that delivers a full 600W at line voltages of ≥ 120Vac. Each of these 600W modular power supplies consists of an input module together with four isolated output modules which can be connected in series or in parallel to provide higher voltage or current outputs (see table for details). These NEVO+600S AC/DC modular power supplies have an adjustable voltage for each output module and a high power density of 25W/in 3. In addition, these NEVO+600S AC/DC modular power supplies have reduced fan noise through the implementation of a fan control circuit, the fan speeds up and slows down with variations in temperature and loading which is critical in many applications. Typical applications for these NEVO+600S 600W modular power supplies include test and measurement, LED lighting, factory automation, Broadcast equipment, industrial lasers and optical inspection.

High power density of 25W/in 3
Full 600W at line voltages of ≥ 120Vac
Low fan noise
Lightweight, only 0.6kg
Adjustable output voltage
High efficiency of up to 89%
Remote current and voltage programming
Accurate current sharing
Current output signal
5V 200mA bias supply
Field configurable
Remote Inhibit, AC OK, Power Good signals
Over current, reverse current, short circuit, over voltage and over temperature and sense cable protection
EMC compliance to EN55011, EN55022, FCC Level B
Harmonic compliance to EN61000‐3‐2

Additional Data - Electrical Output
RS Stock NumberManufacturer Part NumberMaximum System
Current when all four outputs are
connected in parallel
Maximum System
Voltage Achieved when all four outputs are
connected in series
753-8094 Nevo+600S-1-1-1-1100 A30 V
753-8098 Nevo+600S-2-2-2-260 A60 V
753-8108 Nevo+600S-3-3-3-330 A120 V
753-8101 Nevo+600S-4-4-4-412.5A240 V*
* WARNING – SELV voltage will be exceeded

Derate power above 50°C
Derate power below 120Vac line voltage
For series links see stock number 753-8076
For parallel links see stock numbers 753-8060, 753-8079 and ')"> 753-8072
For cable sets see stock numbers 753-8082 and ')"> 753-8091
For I 2 C interface see stock number ')"> 753-8066
For S-Track interface see stock number ')"> 753-8063
For module blanking plate see stock number 753-8038


IEC/EN60950-1, UL60950-1, CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1-03

Switch Mode - Vox Power NEVO Series Switch Mode - Vox Power 600W, NEVO600 Series

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Технические параметры

Эффективность, кпд
входное напряжение
120 → 370 V dc, 85 → 264 V ac
регулирование в линии
регулирование нагрузки
-100 → 100mV
максимальная температура
минимальная температура
число выходов
выходной ток
выходное напряжение
4.5 → 15V
номинальная мощность
пульсации и шум

Дополнительная информация

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