NL2MP, Разъем аудио 2 pin

Артикул: NL2MP
Ном. номер: 9000281502
Производитель: Neutrik
NL2MP, Разъем аудио 2 pin
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The NL2MP from Neutrik is a 2 pole speakON male chassis connector with black D-size flange and 3/16" flat tabs. This speakON panel mount connector is a standard chassis connector for loudspeaker / amplifier interconnections. It has a unique metal locking system, making contact only once fully locked.

• Current rating 30A continuous, 40A audio with 50% duty cycle
• Glass reinforced materials make it extremely robust and dependable
• Precise keyway for secure mating
• Accurate twist lock latching system
• Countersunk through holes
• Greater than 5000 mating cycles
• Bronze with silver contacts and black plated polyamide shell
• Rated insulation voltage is 250V
• Flammability rating meets UL94 HB
• Temperature range from -30°C to +80°C

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Datasheet NL2MP
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