OFFNA1GG20, 20A BS Type BS88 A1 Fuse;

PartNumber: OFFNA1GG20
Ном. номер: 8004653100
Производитель: ABB
OFFNA1GG20, 20A BS Type BS88 A1 Fuse;
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ABB BS88 Fuses - A1 Type
ABB OF series fuse links are specifically designed to react to temperature rise and as such limit current very reliably. The OF series of fuse links contain granulated quartz which binds the temperature generated by the arc in the short circuit. At the same moment the pressure within the OF series fuse link rises and the fusing element ruptures.

Total safety for your cables, motors and electronics protection
Wide current ratings for optimal dimensioning of other circuit components
Low let through energy, low cut off characteristics, reduced electromagnetic stress
Energy saving through low power losses
High breaking capacity 80 kA at 415 V (AC)
Fault indication on the top of the fuse link for DIN fuses

IEC 60269

Британские стандартные предохранители

Fuses, Sockets & Circuit Breakers

Технические параметры

диаметр корпуса
длина корпуса
номинальный ток
интервал рабочих температур
размер предохранителя
полная длина
свободное расстояние (свободная ширина)
номинальное напряжение
415 V
Application Category
Fuse Standard
BS 88
High Rupture Capacity

Дополнительная информация

ABB BS and DIN type HRC-fuse links Data Sheet OFFNA1GG20