OLIMEXINO-5510, Макетная плата, Arduino-Like, с микроконтроллером MSP430F5510 и 32КБ Flash, 4КБ RAM, генератор 25МГц

PartNumber: OLIMEXINO-5510
Ном. номер: 8036023285
Производитель: Olimex
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The OLIMEXINO-5510 is a ARDUINO like development board with MSP430F5510 microcontroller. The MSP430 family of ultra low power microcontrollers consists of several devices featuring different sets of peripherals targeted for various applications. The architecture, combined with extensive low power modes, is optimized to achieve extended battery life in portable measurement applications. The device features a powerful 16bit RISC CPU, 16bit registers, and constant generators that contribute to maximum code efficiency. The digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) allows wake up from low power modes to active mode in less than 5µs. The board is intended to work with Energia an Arduino like IDE for MSP430.

• MSP430F5510 MCU with 32Kbytes program flash, 4Kbytes RAM, 25Mhz
• Li po battery connector
• Li po battery recharge circuit
• RTC (real time clock) quartz crystal
• UEXT connector
• SBW interface
• User button, boot button and reset button
• FR4, 1.5mm, soldermask, component print PCB
• Board size available with 53.3mm x 55.9mm

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