P14MAA03A1BD, Motorola T60 2-Way Radio

PartNumber: P14MAA03A1BD
Ном. номер: 8048202070
Производитель: Motorola
P14MAA03A1BD, Motorola T60 2-Way Radio
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TLKR T60 Walkie Talkie
Fully featured, tough and stylish, the TLKR T60 is the ideal way to stay connected during outdoor adventures. At home on the campsite, theme park
or hike, the TLKR T60 is packed with functionality, multiple call tones and rechargeable batteries

PMR446 radios - license free
Up to 8km range*
Free Calls
Rechargeable NiMH batteries (supplied)
8 Channels + 121 codes
5 call tones
Room monitor
Headset Connector
Auto power off


LCD display with backlight
Keypad lock
Battery level indicator
Belt clip and carrying loop
500mW Transmit
Single Pin Headset Connector

* Subject to terrain and conditions

Twin Charger Pod (supplied)
AC Adaptor (RS 819-9139 UK, RS 819-9133 EU)
Power source - Rechargeable NiMH pack (supplied)

Непромышленный Non-industrial
Personal two way radios for use in non-industrial and office environments. All two-way radios in this range have a range of at least 3 km in flat, open spaces working on 8 channels with 38 codes (i.e. 304 channel modes), allowing many talk combinations and reducing congestion., These radios can be operated in any country that has introduced the PMR446 service and are compatible with any radios that use the PMR 446 service. Use of these radios is subject to individual European countries adopting the PMR446 service. Please contact local Radio Agency for latest information.

Computing & Peripherals

Технические параметры

ресурс элемента питания
модель (макет)
число каналов
рабочая частота
LCD Display
Number of Sub-Codes
Radio Style
Handheld, Headset
Charge Indicator

Дополнительная информация

TLKR T60 Data Sheet P14MAA03A1BD
TLKR T60 Owners Manual P14MAA03A1BD