P4400044, Jointing segment for barr

PartNumber: P4400044
Ном. номер: 8112910676
Производитель: Thermodata Components
P4400044, Jointing segment for barr
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Modular Barrier Strip
With these new concept terminal strips you can mix and match terminations with snap-together modules to provide permanent configurations. By mixing and matching the modular terminal strips you will make up what you want, when you want it, avoiding dead stock.

Flame-retardant polypropylene rated at 15A//750Vdc
Fixing should be made at every 16th hole of the connector
Snap-fit assembly, easily modified to increase the number of ways
4 BA nickel-plated brass terminals
Interchangeable with standard 15 A series
Jointing segment and an end fix are also available
Temperature range -55 → +100°C
F.C. 28.5mm (2-way), 38.1mm (3-way)

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Modular Terminal Strip
Accessory Type
Joining Segment

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