PBSS5540Z.115, Транзистор PNP 40В 5А 2Вт [SOT-223]

Артикул: PBSS5540Z.115
PartNumber: PBSS5540Z,115
Ном. номер: 9000066097
Производитель: NXP Semiconductor
Фото 1/2 PBSS5540Z.115, Транзистор PNP 40В 5А 2Вт [SOT-223]
Фото 2/2 PBSS5540Z.115, Транзистор PNP 40В 5А 2Вт [SOT-223]
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Low Saturation Voltage PNP Transistors, NXP
A range of NXP BISS (Breakthrough In Small Signal) Low Saturation Voltage PNP Bipolar Junction Transistors. These devices feature very low collector-emitter saturation voltages and high collector current capacities in compact space-saving packages. The reduced losses of these transistors results in lower heat generation and an overall increase in efficiency when used in switching and digital applications.

Bipolar Transistors, NXP Semiconductors

Bipolar Transistors

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PBSS5540Z 40V low VCEsat PNP transistor Data Sheet PBSS5540Z.115 PBSS5540Z,115
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