PC2207, 6" Satin Mop-Very Fine

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PC2207, 6" Satin Mop-Very Fine
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RS Satin Mops
Professional satin mops in various grades, each with a specific job. By using the grades in different stages from course on heavy duty paint and rust and medium & fine for smoothing out before polishing you can achieve excellent results. The buffs all have a traditional drilled leather centre to allow easy attachment to a tapered spindle.

Mops can also be used to deliver a satin finish or cleaning cast aluminium where polishing is not required.

To achieve a good finish it is imperative that the surface of the work piece is smooth before you start polishing.

Mops and Deburring/Finishing Wheels Mops & Deburring/Finishing Wheels
Polishing mops for use with bench-mounted or hand-held machines which utilise a tapered spindle mounting.

Abrasives & Engineering Materials

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Bench, Spindle
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Aluminium Oxide

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