PCTE100 04ST, Grey PCB support track,16

PartNumber: PCTE100 04ST
Ном. номер: 8009411565
Производитель: Richco
PCTE100 04ST, Grey PCB support track,16
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Eurocard PCB Support Track

Suitable for use with the KM6-II eurocard sub-rack systems.
Suitable for single Eurocards (100 ´ 160) and is easily fastened to chassis, panels, boards, mounting plates etc. through centre slots, it allows PCBs to be quickly and easily installed and removed by hand.
PCBs slide along specially tensioned grooving in the plastic extrusion to be held firmly in position.
No other fixing of the PCB is necessary.
The support is made from rigid PVC, coloured grey and in lengths of 160mm.

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