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PDA200E, Induction loop amplifier

PartNumber: PDA200E
Ном. номер: 8042711843
Производитель: Signet
PDA200E, Induction loop amplifier
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Induction Loop Amplifier
A wall-mounting induction loop amplifier, suitable for shops, meeting rooms, lecture theatres, churches, schools, TV lounges and other small-to-medium sized applications. Provides coverage up to 120m² (11m x 11m square) or 250m² (10m x 25m rectangular). Audio processing circuitry includes an automatic compressor/limiter to improve vocal intelligibility. Manual adjustments allow the system to be tailored to suit exact room requirements. A full system can be configured using the built-in screw terminal inputs and an external loop aerial; full instructions included.

Internal drive, level and tone controls
Full 2Ω drive capability for increased coverage at higher frequencies

Connection data
Inputs – screw terminalsBal/unbal mic with phantom power
Bal/unbal line - TV/Audio feeds
Alert tone switch - alarms doorbell
100V line for PA systems

Aerial leads must be purchased separately for all these items as the choice of cable depends upon the type of installation.

EN60118-4 BS7594: 1993

Петля индуктивности Induction Loop
What are Induction Loops? Induction loop systems help hearing impaired people who use a hearing aid or loop listener to hear sounds more clearly by reducing or cutting out background noise. An induction loop is a cable that circles the listening area. It is fed by current from a loop amplifier. The amplifier gets its signal from a microphone placed in front of the person speaking or by means of a direct connection from another sound source, such as a sound system. The resulting electric current in the loop produces a magnetic field, which corresponds to the sound. You can then pick up this magnetic field if you are sitting within the area of the loop and your hearing aid - or loop listening aid - is switched to 'T'. You will need to adjust your own hearing aid for volume. More than one person can benefit from a loop installed in a room as long as they each have a hearing aid set to 'T', or a loop listener. You are not wired to any other equipment and you are therefore free to listen from anywhere within the loop and to move around.

Технические параметры

амплитудно-частотная характеристика
40 Hz → 8 kHz
рабочее напряжение
230 V AC
Maximum Frequency Response
8 kHz
Minimum Frequency Response
40 Hz
Minimum Operating Voltage
230 V ac
Maximum Square Room Coverage
11 x 11m

Дополнительная информация

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