PHE845VF6330MR06L2, Пленочный конденсатор, 0.33 мкФ, X1, 760 В, PP (Полипропилен), ± 20%

PartNumber: PHE845VF6330MR06L2
Ном. номер: 8018371179
Производитель: Kemet Electronics
PHE845VF6330MR06L2, Пленочный конденсатор, 0.33 мкФ, X1, 760 В, PP (Полипропилен), ± 20%
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The PHE845 series capacitors from Kemet are radial leaded, class X1 metalized polypropylene film EMI suppression capacitors. These capacitors are made of metalized polypropylene film encapsulated with self extinguishing resin in a box of material meeting the requirements of UL94 V-0 standard. It is used as an electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression filter in across the line applications requiring X1 safety classification and suitable for use in situations where failure of the capacitor would not lead to danger of electric shock.

• Capacitance values ranges from 0.01µF to 1µF
• Voltage rating is 760VAC at 50/60Hz
• Lead spacing of 22.5mm to 37.5mm
• Available in ±10%, ±20% tolerance
• Operating temperature range from -40˚C to 105˚C
• ENEC, UL, cUL approved
• Self healing properties
• 100% screening factory test at 4250VDC

Пассивные Компоненты\Конденсаторы\Пленочные Конденсаторы

Технические параметры

Линия Продукции
Серия PHE845
Максимальная Рабочая Температура
Номинальное Напряжение AC
760В AC
Допуск Емкости
± 20%
Стиль Выводов Конденсатора
Радиальные Выводы
Класс Подавления Помех

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet PHE845VF6330MR06L2