PLY17BN1121R8B2B, Inductor hybrid THT 1.1mH

PartNumber: PLY17BN1121R8B2B
Ном. номер: 8065894854
Производитель: Murata Manufacturing
PLY17BN1121R8B2B, Inductor hybrid THT 1.1mH
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Murata PLY17 Series Hybrid Mode Chokes

Integration of choke coil function to suppress differential mode/Low and High Frequency common mode noise.
Low Profile (H=<>

Applications include:

For AC power supply, AC adapter
Low profile equipment such as lighting equipment, FPD, Digital Amplifier

Manufacturers Part NoNormal mode InductanceCurrent Rating (A)RS Stock No
PLY17BN4912R4A2B18μH2.4 619-7419
PLY17BN4912R4B2B24μH2.4 619-7431
PLY17BN9612R0A2B36μH2 619-7504
PLY17BN9612R0B2B47μH2 619-7510
PLY17BN1023R0A2B36μH3 619-7324
PLY17BN1023R0B2B47μH3 619-7346
PLY17BN1121R8A2B44μH1.8 619-7330
PLY17BN1121R8B2B58μH1.8 619-7352
PLY17BN1721R5A2B67μH1.5 619-7368
PLY17BN1721R5B2B88μH1.5 619-7380
PLY17BN2921R2A2B110μH1.2 619-7374
PLY17BN2921R2B2B140μH1.2 619-7396
PLY17BN3721R0A2B140μH1 619-7403
PLY17BN3721R0B2B180μH1 619-7425
PLY17BN5620R8A2B210μH0.8 619-7447
PLY17BN7820R7A2B290μH0.7 619-7469
PLY17BN9320R6A2B350μH0.6 619-7475
PLY17BN9320R6B2B460μH0.6 619-7497

Murata Leaded Inductors (Chokes)

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EMI Suppression Filters for AC Power Lines PLY17BN1121R8B2B