PSB8C/M, 8 room multi o/p VHF/UHF

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PSB8C/M, 8 room multi o/p VHF/UHF
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Multi-Output VHF / UHF

For indoor use in small/medium distribution systems
Ideal as building blocks in larger networks
Boosts UHF TV, FM and/or DAB VHF signals
Flat frequency response
Excellent O/P to O/P isolation
Fully screened - compliance with EU Safety (LVD), and EMC Directives
Filtered 1m power lead & 13A BS1363 plug
For optimum screening, terminate unused outputs with 75Ω coaxial load

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UHF Gain
Maximum UHF Frequency
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Дополнительная информация

PSB Range VHF/UHF Multi-Output Distribution Amplifier Data Sheet PSB8C/M