PTC0150000, Пробник, PTC, IP65, 40 мм, 6 мм

PartNumber: PTC0150000
Ном. номер: 8004812607
Производитель: CAREL
PTC0150000, Пробник, PTC, IP65, 40 мм, 6 мм
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The PTC0150000 is a Carel Passive Temperature Probe is device that, when connected to the controller, provide a resistance value, which is then converted to a temperature by the electronic controller. These are used in HVAC/R applications and represent a complete range capable of satisfying a variety of needs in different installations. The probe is made using materials that guarantee constant quality. The range includes various models that differ based on the performance of the system and the fields of application. The probes have different types of sensor (NTC, PTC, Pt1000), caps, index of protection, cable length, operating ranges and mechanical dimensions.

• Silicone cable
• 3mW Dissipation factor
• IP65 Protection rating
• 2000VAC Dielectric strength

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