PTL051, Pipe marking tape legend

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PTL051, Pipe marking tape legend
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Legend Tapes

Can be used together with other marking tapes
Text or symbol on white background
All tapes are 33m in length and 50mm width

Промышленные ленты Industrial Tapes
Unmarked pipes represent a hazard. Marking them with tapes will identify and display their contents. Such identification is covered by BS 1710. The Health & Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations place great emphasis on the labelling of pipework. The Regulations state that pipeline marking tapes and labels are required for use at points where employees are likely to be exposed to the contents of the pipework, for example; sampling or filling points, drain valves and flanging joints., BS 1710: 1984 Identification of Pipelines and Services and BS 4800 provide guidance on the use of different colours and safety signs to identify the contents of pipework and its associated risks., Material of all tapes: Twin-ply laminated tape consisting of a vinyl tape with pressure sensitive, permanent rubber resin adhesive, printed with the appropriate colours and/or text. The printing is protected with a polypropylene laminate film to safeguard against adverse conditions. Temperature range: -40°C to +70°C., For use at junctions, valves (both sides), bulkheads, wall penetration etc.

Plumbing & Pipeline

Технические параметры

PP, Vinyl
максимальная рабочая температура
Minimum Operating Temperature
интервал рабочих температур
-40 → +70 °C
Pre-printed Text