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Q207991000800020000, A2S/STEEL HEX SKT CSK HEAD SCREW,M8X20

Ном. номер: 8000001458
PartNumber: Q207991000800020000
Производитель: RS Pro
Q207991000800020000, A2S/STEEL HEX SKT CSK HEAD SCREW,M8X20
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Metric Thread A2 Socket Hexagon Countersunk Screw
Our popular hexagon socket countersunk screws are an excellent choice when you need a fastener to sit flush or below the surface of your material.<BR/>Our RS Pro A2 (304) stainless steel metric thread countersunk screws are designed for light duty applications where space is limited. These fasteners are used where a strong, reliable joint is required. They ensure an attractive, quality appearance and finish wherever they are used and give you exceptional resistance to corrosion.

Requires a Hex key / Allen key<BR/>We offer a range of hexagon countersunk socket screws in A2 (304) stainless steel, available in various thread sizes and lengths. Refer to the Datasheet and Range Overview download file for details.<BR/>If A2 (304) stainless steel is not what you are looking for we also offer hexagon countersunk socket screws in A4 (316) stainless steel, or steel.

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Тип нержавеющей стали
Thread Type
шаг резьбы
RS Pro
Форма головки
Скрытый, с шестигранным гнездом
Нержавеющая сталь
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