R044550431,600 MM, Miniature Ball Rail STD 1

PartNumber: R044550431,600 MM
Ном. номер: 8002536141
Производитель: Bosch Rexroth
R044550431,600 MM, Miniature Ball Rail STD 1
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Miniature Guides Series R0442 & R0445
The Miniature version of the Ball Rail System has been developed specifically for the precision engineering sector i.e. for the production of optical or electronic data processing devices, where rolling-element linear motion guide-ways of extremely compact dimensions and high load capacity are required.

High load capacity in all directions of load application
Built-in ball retention for safe shipping and ease of mounting
Smooth running thanks to optimal ball recirculation and precise track geometry
Low friction seals fitted as standard
Low profile
All steel parts are made of rust and acid resistant material similar to ISO 683-17 / EN 10088
Accuracy class N

Miniature Guides Series R0442 Dimensions mm
SizeAA 2 A 3 BB 1 B 2 HH 1 1 H 1 2 V 1 E 1 E 2 KN 3 N 5 S 2 Runner Block Weight
92095.53120.7-108-2.81510-3-M316 g
1227127.534.821.6-1310-3.31510-3.5-M333 g
1532158.54327.246161212.654.72015442.1M347 g
1) without longitudinal seal 2) with longitudinal seal

Rail Series R0445 Dimensions mm
SizeA 2 H 2 N 6 DS 5 T 1 min T 1 max TL max Weight g/100 mm

Bosch Rexroth Ball Rail Systems

Pneumatics, Hydraulics & Power Transmission

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