R1511 017 00 L1000, Prec rolled screw T7 16 X

PartNumber: R1511 017 00 L1000
Ном. номер: 8015591386
Производитель: Bosch Rexroth
R1511 017 00 L1000, Prec rolled screw T7 16 X
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Precision-Rolled Screw SN-R

Part no.Dimension
Size d o x P x D w Tolerance grade T7d 1 d 2 Moment of inertia Js (kgcm 2 /m)Weight (kg/m)
16 x 5R x 3 R1511 017 0015.012.90.311.24
20 x 5R x 3R1511 117 0019.016.90.842.03
25 x 5R x 3R1511 217 00,
25 x 10R x 3R1511 247 0024.021.92.393.43
25 x 25R x 3.5R1511 287 1024.
32 x 10R x 3.969R1511 347 1031.027.96.405.60
d 0 = nominal diameter; P = lead (R = right-hand, L = left-hand); D w = ball diameter

Ball Screws - Bosch Rexroth
Ball screws convert rotary motion into linear motion and vice versa.


Smooth operation due to the design of the internal recirculation and optimal lift-off of balls from the raceway
High load rating due to large number of balls
Short nut length
No protruding parts, nut is easily mounted
Smooth outer shell
Effective, wiping sealing


Cutting and forming machine tools, Automation and handling, Woodworking, Electrical and electronics, Printing and paper, Injection moulding machines, Food and packaging industry, Medical equipment, Textile industry etc.

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Precision-Rolled Screw SN-R Data Sheet R1511 017 00 L1000