RD 100/0,8, Resistance wire 0.975R/m

PartNumber: RD 100/0,8
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Производитель: BLOCK
RD 100/0,8, Resistance wire 0.975R/m
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Block Resistance Wire
Block resistance wire is made from a high quality Constantan alloy which ensures that resistance levels remain practically unchanged regardless of temperature. Block resistance wire also features a firmly adhering surface oxide coating that withstands any temperature change and protects against further oxidation under continuous load, whilst maintaining malleability for easy machining. Block resistance wire can be used for soft soldering, hard soldering or welding and applications include the production of technical resistances, shunts and other general laboratory needs.

Resistor allow as specified in DIN 46 461 (CuNi44)
Specific electrical resistance 0.49 ((Ω x mm)/m)
Average temperature constant of the electrical resistor at 20°C = 0.00004 - 0.00008
Average linear thermal expansion coefficient between 20°C - 100°C = 13.5 x 10 - 6
Melting temperature 1220°C - 1270°C
Maximum permissible wire temperature up to 600°C

Constantan Alloy Resistance Wire

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Технические параметры

сопротивление проводника
0.975 Ω/m
Cross Sectional Area
Outer Diameter

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