RJF TVC 7G, RJ field TV socket cap fo

PartNumber: RJF TVC 7G
Ном. номер: 8057999999
Производитель: Amphenol
RJF TVC 7G, RJ field TV socket cap fo
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Amphenol RJF TV Series RJ45 Ethernet Receptacles
RJ Field TV series RJ45 ethernet receptacles that allow data acquisition and transmission (ethernet class D, Cat 5e connection for10 BaseT, 100 BaseTX and 1000 BaseT networks) in harsh environments. These RJF TV ethernet receptacles are IP67 sealed, shock, vibration and traction resistant, have EMI protection and 4 positon mechanical coding/polarization. A female RJ45 is soldered on to a PCB allowing for connection to various back terminations with either another female RJ45, an RJ45 cordset or a solder termination. A patented RJStop system allows a standard RJ45 cordset to be used. The RJ Field TV receptacle is connected to an RJ Field TV plug using a Tri Start thread coupling mechanism (MIL-DTL-38999 series III type) with an anti-decoupling device, no field cabling tools are required. These RJ Field TV receptacles have an aluminium shell with either a nickel or olive drab cadmium plating and are availaible in a variety of configurations (please refer to additional data table for details). Stock number 695-0291 is a transversely sealed square flange receptacle with complete IP68 sealing even without a mating plug or protective cap making it ideal for use in outdoor equipment, shelters and rugged computers and harsh environments.

Metallic plug caps are also available;
Stock number 448-0028 is for use with square flange receptacles that have an olive drab cadmium plating.
Stock number 695-0314 is for use with square flange receptacles that have a nickel plating.
Stock number 448-0034 is for use with jam nut receptacles that have an olive drab cadmium plating.
A panel gasket is also available for the square flange receptacle, see stock number 448-0040.
Typical applications for these RJ Field TV series ethernet plugs include railways, radars, shelters, battlefield communication systems and naval.

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Socket Cap
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Olive Drab Cadmium

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