ROTEX19-92SHEL-KTR, Rotex Coupling Spider, Si

PartNumber: ROTEX19-92SHEL-KTR
Ном. номер: 8087063757
Производитель: KTR
ROTEX19-92SHEL-KTR, Rotex Coupling Spider, Si
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KTR Jaw Coupling Spiders
Jaw coupling spiders for use with KTR's range of hubs. Manufactured from T-PUR® an improved polyurethane that is able to withstand significantly higher temperatures than standard polyurethane spiders giving greatly improved length of service.
Available in 92 (shore-A), 98 (shore-A) and 64 (shore-D) for varying degrees of damping in various sizes to suit a wide variety of applications. ATEX approved.

Each Coupling requires two hubs and a spider.

KTR Jaw Couplings

Pneumatics, Hydraulics & Power Transmission

Технические параметры

максимальная рабочая температура
Minimum Operating Temperature
Shore Hardness
Misalignment - Angular
Misalignment - Axial
+1.2 mm, -0.5 mm
Misalignment - Parallel

Дополнительная информация

ATEX Certificate ROTEX19-92SHEL-KTR
Rotex Data Sheet ROTEX19-92SHEL-KTR
Rotex Operating/Assembly Instructions ROTEX19-92SHEL-KTR
Rotex Spiders Data Sheet ROTEX19-92SHEL-KTR