RS DISSOLVABLE SAMPLE PACK 1.75MM, Dissolvable Sample Pac

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RS DISSOLVABLE SAMPLE PACK 1.75MM, Dissolvable Sample Pac
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RS 3D Printer Filament Dissolvable PVA and HIPS
PVA filament is quickly soluble in water, bonds well to plastics and prints easy. Therefore it is an excellent supporting material for dual extruder 3D printing. This polyvinyl alcohol-based filament is non toxic and biodegradable once dissolved in water. For applications other then supporting material PVA is also available in colours and has a high tensile strength

Excellent water solubility
Easy to print at low temperature
Good bonding to various plastics such as PLA and ABS
Biodegradable when dissolved in water
Limited smell

HIPS is an easy to print, High Impact Polystyrene filament with multifunctional properties. HIPS is an excellent support material in combination with ABS, because it dissolves in D'limonene and ABS remains unaffected
HIPS is very suitable for detailed prints, but also for large objects because the material shows very limited warping. Furthermore HIPS is very light and durable, has good interlayer bonding, can be glued easily and the colours result in a smooth matt surface of the 3D printed objects. High Impact Polystyrene is therefore widely used in model building

Recommended temperature for heated bed is ± 35-60゚C. Do not exceed a printing temperature of 225゚C, because then PVA crystallizes quickly and it will no longer flow and/or dissolve in water

Pack consists of HIPS and PVA

Once you've purchased your filament it's important to store it correctly to maintain its quality. Over time the plastic will absorb moisture from the air, creating small water bubbles in the filament. These bubbles when heated in the extruder nozzle will quickly reach boiling point, spoiling the print. The use of desiccant dehumidifiers to absorb the moisture is highly recommend

PVA can be used on all common desktop FDM or FFF technology 3D printers

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