RS4258635, Fibre optic polymer end t

PartNumber: RS4258635
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Производитель: FIBRE DATA
RS4258635, Fibre optic polymer end t
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Fibre Optic End-Termination Industrial Polymer Fibre Fibre Optic End-Termination
An all-metal connector designed for terminating the polymer fibre-optic cables stock nos. 413-368 and 413-374. The connector consists of a nickel-silver ferrule, nickel-plated brass coupling nut and a polyolefin heat shrink, strain relief sleeve and only requires the use of a scalpel and application of a suitable adhesive and heat to complete a professional termination with a maximum coupling loss of 2dB per connector. Full assembly details are supplied with each connector.

Suitable adhesive stock no. 473-427
Suitable heat gun stock no. 545-137

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Termination of RS polymer fibre optic cable using RS end termination RS4258635