RT8575GQW, Драйвер светодиода, 1 выход, повышающий, 4.2В до 24В вход, 280кГц, 60В/600мА выход, WDFN-16

PartNumber: RT8575GQW
Ном. номер: 8145366611
Производитель: RICHTEK
RT8575GQW, Драйвер светодиода, 1 выход, повышающий, 4.2В до 24В вход, 280кГц, 60В/600мА выход, WDFN-16
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The RT8575GQW from Richtek is a 4-string white LED driver with boost regulator in 16 pin WDFN package. This regulator is a high efficiency LED driver with 40V I/O support. It is designed for LCD panel that employs an array of LEDs as the lighting source. An integrated switch current mode boost controller drives four strings in parallel and supports up to 18 pieces of LEDs per string. The internal current sinks support typical ±1% current mismatching for excellent brightness uniformity in each LED string. To provide enough headroom for the operating of current sink, boost controller monitors the minimum voltage of feedback pins and regulates an optimized output voltage for power efficiency. The RT8575 has a wide input voltage operating range from 4.2V to 24V and provides adjustable 50mA to 150mA LED current. The internal 150mohm, 60V power switch with current-mode control provides cycle-by-cycle over current protection. It is used in white LED backlighting.

• Adjustable switching frequency range from 150KHz to 500KHz
• 1% typical LED current accuracy, 1% typical LED current matching
• Programmable over voltage protection & built-in soft-start, OTP
• LED short/open detection, 92% maximum duty, shutdown delay time of 28ms at fOSC = 280KHz
• Under voltage lockout threshold is 3.8V, under voltage lockout hysteresis is 500mV
• Quiescent current of 2.5mA at COMP = 0V, not switching & shutdown current 20µA
• Thermal shutdown temperature of 150°C, un-connected LED detection 0.2V
• Opened LED protection of 0.1V, shorted LED protection of 5.6V

Компоненты Светодиодного Освещения\Микросхемы Драйверов Светодиодов\Микросхемы Драйверов DC / DC Светодиодов

Технические параметры

Минимальная Рабочая Температура
Максимальная Рабочая Температура
Максимальное Выходное Напряжение
Количество Выводов
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Топология Устройства
Количество Выходов
Минимальное Входное Напряжение
Максимальное Входное Напряжение
Стиль Корпуса Привода
Монтаж Микросхемы

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Datasheet RT8575GQW

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