RXTI2, Induction loop test recei

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RXTI2, Induction loop test recei
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Induction Loop Test Kit
Allows the installer or non-hearing aid user to test the quality and audibility of an induction loop system by mimicking the action of a hearing aid set to the 'T' position. Has a dual inductor system to help reduce the background noise from fluorescent tubes, computer monitors, etc. The audio response is flat from 100Hz to 13kHz, enabling the installer to assess background noise with the loop system deactivated. May also be used in other situations such as translation systems, museum tour guides and stage managers' talk-back systems.

Runs off 2 'AA' batteries
Headphone socket
On/off volume control
Belt/pocket clip

Headphone impedance should not be greater than 32Ω. The unit will not operate correctly using 600Ω types.

Петля индуктивности Induction Loop
What are Induction Loops? Induction loop systems help hearing impaired people who use a hearing aid or loop listener to hear sounds more clearly by reducing or cutting out background noise. An induction loop is a cable that circles the listening area. It is fed by current from a loop amplifier. The amplifier gets its signal from a microphone placed in front of the person speaking or by means of a direct connection from another sound source, such as a sound system. The resulting electric current in the loop produces a magnetic field, which corresponds to the sound. You can then pick up this magnetic field if you are sitting within the area of the loop and your hearing aid - or loop listening aid - is switched to 'T'. You will need to adjust your own hearing aid for volume. More than one person can benefit from a loop installed in a room as long as they each have a hearing aid set to 'T', or a loop listener. You are not wired to any other equipment and you are therefore free to listen from anywhere within the loop and to move around.

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