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S29AL008J70TFI020, 8Mbit Flash Memory Parall

PartNumber: S29AL008J70TFI020
Ном. номер: 8000001805
Производитель: Cypress Semiconductor
S29AL008J70TFI020, 8Mbit Flash Memory Parall
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The S29AL008J70TFI020 is a 8Mb CMOS 3V Boot Sector Flash Memory with CFI interface. The secured silicon sector region has 128 word/256-byte sector for permanent, secure identification through an 8 word/16-byte random electronic serial number accessible through a command sequence. The device offers access time of 55ns allowing high speed microprocessors to operate without wait states. To eliminate bus contention the device has separate chip enable, write enable and output enable controls. The device offers two power-saving features. When addresses have been stable for a specified amount of time, the device enters the automatic sleep mode. The system can also place the device into the standby mode. Power consumption is greatly reduced in both these modes.

• Fully compatible with 200nm S29AL008D
• A hardware method of locking a sector to prevent any program or erase operations within that sector
• Sectors can be locked in-system or via programming equipment
• Temporary sector unprotect feature allows code changes in previously locked sectors
• Reduces overall programming time when issuing multiple program command sequences
• High performance - Access times as fast as 55ns
• Cycling endurance - 1000000 cycles per sector typical
• Data retention - 20 years typical
• -40 to 125°C Temperature range


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Datasheet S29AL008J70TFI020

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