SB0542E, 45 Degree elbow - 42mm

PartNumber: SB0542E
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Производитель: Reliance Water Controls
SB0542E, 45 Degree elbow - 42mm
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SharkBite 45 Degree Elbows
The SharkBite Push-Fit Solution is a quick and reliable method of joining copper, carbon steel, polybutylene and PEX pipes in any combination, without the requirement for heavy and expensive tools or obtaining hot work permits for soldering joints

The fitting bodies are manufactured from robust ultra low lead DZR brass
Joins two pieces of pipe to form a 45 degree bend

The toothed grab ring is manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel which provides the firm bite that ensures the strongest of joints is made. The EPDM rubber o-ring (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), provides a long lasting and secure seal. The cartridge ring is manufactured from 304 stainless steel to provide guaranteed electrical continuity

All fittings are rated to 10 bar at 120゚C, WRAS approved and certified by many other international approval bodies


SharkBite Push-Fit Fittings
SharkBite®, a versatile range of push-fit fittings that are secure, watertight and easy to fit. Originally launched in Australia in 1998 these fittings have seen a massive increase in popularity both in the UK and America and are steadily becoming a popular brand of push-fit fittings in the rest of the world.
Capable of joining copper, PEX, Polybutylene and carbon steel pipework, all fittings are secure, reliable and re-usable and demonstrate easy installation every time.
The fittings are available in 7 popular sizes from 10mm to 54mm, manufactured from ultra low lead DZR brass and pressure rated to 10 bar at 120°C.

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