SFH 551/1-1V, Оптоволоконный приемник, 700 нм, 5 Мбит/с, 0 м, SFH

PartNumber: SFH 551/1-1V
Ном. номер: 8070532705
Производитель: Broadcom Limited
SFH 551/1-1V, Оптоволоконный приемник, 700 нм, 5 Мбит/с, 0 м, SFH
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The SFH 551/1-1V from Avago is a 5MBd receiver diode with TTL out and direct fiber connector for polymer optical fiber applications. This device is a low cost 650nm digital receiver diode for simple optical data transmission with polymer optical fiber. It incorporates a photodetector with integrated IC and provides a TTL output signal and works with the Avago SFH757 transmitter diode.

• Bipolar IC with open collector output
• Sensitive in visible and near IR range
• Low switching threshold
• 2.2mm aperture holds standard 980µm/1000µm/2200µm plastic fiber
• No fiber stripping required
• Moulded microlens for efficient coupling
• Maximum photosensitivity wavelength of 700nm

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