SN65LVDS31D, Дифференциальный драйвер линии, 4 драйвер(-ов)

PartNumber: SN65LVDS31D
Ном. номер: 8075349554
Производитель: Texas Instruments
SN65LVDS31D, Дифференциальный драйвер линии, 4 драйвер(-ов)
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The SN65LVDS31D is a high-speed differential Line Driver implements the electrical characteristics of low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS). This signaling technique lowers the output voltage levels of 5V differential standard levels (such as TIA/EIA-422B) to reduce the power, increase the switching speeds and allow operation with a 3.3V supply rail. Any of the four current-mode drivers will deliver a minimum differential output voltage magnitude of 247mV into a 100R load when enabled. The intended application of this device and signaling technique is both point-to-point and multidrop (one driver and multiple receivers) data transmission over controlled impedance media of approximately 100R. The transmission media may be printed-circuit board traces, backplanes or cables. The ultimate rate and distance of data transfer is dependent upon the attenuation characteristics of the media and the noise coupling to the environment.

• Low-voltage TTL (LVTTL) logic input levels
• Driver at high-impedance when disabled or with VCC=0
• Pin-compatible with AM26LS31, MC3487 and µA9638
• Cold sparing for space and high-reliability applications requiring redundancy
• Low-voltage differential signaling with typical output voltage of 350mV and a 100R load
• Typical output voltage rise and fall time of 500ps (400Mbps)
• Typical propagation delay time of 1.7ns
• Operate from a single 3.3V supply
• Bus-terminal ESD protection exceeds 8kV
• Power dissipation 25mW at 200MHz/driver (typical)
• Green product and no Sb/Br

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