SN74BCT8244ADW, Тестовое устройство сканирования с октальными буферами, 4.5В до 5.5В, SOIC-24

PartNumber: SN74BCT8244ADW
Ном. номер: 8119880231
Производитель: Texas Instruments
SN74BCT8244ADW, Тестовое устройство сканирования с октальными буферами, 4.5В до 5.5В, SOIC-24
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The SN74BCT8244ADW is a Scan Test Device with octal buffers. This family of devices supports IEEE Standard 1149.1-1990 boundary scan to facilitate testing of complex circuit-board assemblies. Scan access to the test circuitry is accomplished via the 4-wire test access port (TAP) interface. In the normal mode, these devices are functionally equivalent to the F244 and BCT244 octal buffers. The test circuitry can be activated by the TAP to take snapshot samples of the data appearing at the device terminals or to perform a self-test on the boundary-test cells. Activating the TAP in normal mode does not affect the functional operation of the SCOPETM octal buffers. In the test mode, the normal operation of the SCOPETM octal buffers is inhibited and the test circuitry is enabled to observe and control the I/O boundary of the device. When enabled, the test circuitry can perform boundary-scan test operations, as described in IEEE Standard 1149.1-1990.

• Members of the Texas Instruments SCOPETM family of testability products
• Octal test-integrated circuits
• Implement optional test reset signal by recognizing a double-high-level voltage (10V) on TMS pin
• Parallel-signature analysis at inputs
• Pseudo-random pattern generation from outputs
• Sample inputs/toggle outputs
• Green product and no Sb/Br

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Сканирующее Тестовое Устройство

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