SN74LVC1T45MDCKREP, Приемопередатчик, неинвертирующий, 1 вход, 1.65В до 5.5В, SC-70-6

Ном. номер: 8002038826
Производитель: Texas Instruments
SN74LVC1T45MDCKREP, Приемопередатчик, неинвертирующий, 1 вход, 1.65В до 5.5В, SC-70-6
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Полупроводники - Микросхемы\Логика\Буферы, Приемопередатчики и Линейные Драйверы

The SN74LVC1T45MDCKREP is an enhanced single-bit dual-supply Bus/Configurable Voltage Transceiver with 3-state outputs. This non-inverting bus transceiver uses two separate configurable power-supply rails. The A port is designed to track VCCA. VCCA accepts any supply voltage from 1.65 to 5.5V. The B port is designed to track VCCB. VCCB accepts any supply voltage from 1.65 to 5.5V. This allows for universal low-voltage bidirectional translation between any of the 1.8/2.5/3.3/5V voltage nodes. It is designed for asynchronous communication between two data buses. The logic levels of the direction-control (DIR) input activate either the B-port outputs or the A-port outputs. The device transmits data from the A bus to the B bus when the B-port outputs are activated and from the B bus to the A bus when the A-port outputs are activated. The input circuitry on both A and B ports always is active and must have a logic HIGH or LOW level applied to prevent excess ICC and ICCZ.

• VCC Isolation - If either VCC input Is at GND, both ports are in the high-impedance state
• DIR Input circuit referenced to VCCA
• IOFF Supports partial-power-down mode operation
• Controlled baseline
• One assembly/test site
• One fabrication site
• Extended life cycle
• Latch-up performance exceeds 100mA per JESD 78, class II
• 4µA ICC Low power consumption
• ±24mA Output drive at 3.3V
• Green product and no Sb/Br

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