SP3490EN-L, Трансивер RS-485, Full-Duplex, 10Mbps, +3.3V [DIP8]

Артикул: SP3490EN-L
Ном. номер: 9000300124
Производитель: Exar Corporation
Фото 1/2 SP3490EN-L, Трансивер RS-485, Full-Duplex, 10Mbps, +3.3V [DIP8]
Фото 2/2 SP3490EN-L, Трансивер RS-485, Full-Duplex, 10Mbps, +3.3V [DIP8]
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RS-485 Line Drivers and Receivers, EXAR
Exar has a broad range of RS-485 transceivers that are compliant to popular field bus standards, including PROFIBUS. Some may have advanced features like enhanced receiver failsafe, and 15kV ESD protection ensuring reliable and robust data communication over long cable lengths. Exar's high ESD devices are qualified up to +/-15kV IEC 61000-4-2, and +/-15kV HBM (Human Body Model).

The EXAR RS 485 transceivers can be used for RS 422 also.
Most of Exar's serial transceivers are pin and spec compatible with popular industry devices for direct drop-in second source replacement.

RS-485 Line Drivers and Receivers

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SP3490/SP3491, +3.3V Low Power Full-Duplex RS-485 Transceivers with 10Mbps Data Rate SP3490EN-L