STMPRIMER-BASE, EvoPrimer Base, целевой микроконтроллер / расширительная плата

Ном. номер: 8068532970
Производитель: ST Microelectronics
STMPRIMER-BASE, EvoPrimer Base, целевой микроконтроллер / расширительная плата
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The STMPRIMER-BASE is a EvoPrimer base for use with EvoPrimer MCU target boards and extension boards. The EvoPrimer base has a removable transparent cover and USB cable which includes features such as the debugging/programming interface and most of the hardware features that is need to evaluate the capabilities of the target MCU. The base can also be extended by using its add on connector to add components and circuitry. The EvoPrimer base with the EvoPrimer target board form a complete evaluation tools for the microcontroller. simply insert the target board into the EvoPrimer base, switch on power switch and slide the transparent cover in place. Press joystick to power up the complete EvoPrimer and plug it directly into a host PC's USB port for debugging and device programming.

• Debugging/programming interface
• It forms complete evaluation for MCU along with target board

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