SWV4101000021, Var press gasspring,1.08m

PartNumber: SWV4101000021
Ном. номер: 8029847479
Производитель: Camloc Industrial Fixings
SWV4101000021, Var press gasspring,1.08m
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Camloc Swift & Sure Gas Springs

The Swift & Sure from Camloc is a standard lift gas spring that is available in a wide range of both sizes and end fittings making it suitable for use in an extensive range of applications.
Completely self-contained and maintenance-free, this hydro pneumatic ram is charged under pressure with an inert gas to provide a controlled rate of movement.
Gas springs are usually referred to by their size; common sizes are 6-15, 8-18, 10-23 and 14-28. This relates to the rod diameter and the tube diameter – for example 8-18 has a rod diameter of 8mm and a tube diameter of 18mm.


Gas springs are supplied with a maximum pressure
Gas pressure must be adjusted to the required condition
Easy positional control
Self-contained, maintenance-free
Custom force setting – fixed or adjustable
llent for maintenance, repair, research, development and prototype production

Газовые пружины

Enclosures, Storage & Material Handling

Технические параметры

длина в удлиненном состоянии
диаметр поршня
диаметр стержня
длина хода поршня
Cylinder Material
End Connector
Ball & Socket Joint, End Joint
End Connector Material
Maximum Force
Minimum Force

Дополнительная информация

Camloc Instruction Leaflet SWV4101000021
Swift & Sure Lift Gas Spring - Datasheet SWV4101000021