SXV4101000009, Gas spring,stainless stl

PartNumber: SXV4101000009
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Производитель: Camloc Industrial Fixings
SXV4101000009, Gas spring,stainless stl
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Camloc Stainless Steel Swift & Sure Gas Springs

These gas springs are produced in 316L stainless steel to offer extremely high corrosion resistance in more extreme environments, such as marine, industrial and coastal. The rod surface is specially prepared for additional hardness and these stainless steel Swift & Sure gas springs have been subjected to over 1.000 hours of salt spray testing.


High corrosion resistance ideal for external applications
Rod and tube manufactured in 316L stainless steel
Special surface finish for additional hardness and corrosion resistance

Газовые пружины

Enclosures, Storage & Material Handling

Технические параметры

длина в удлиненном состоянии
диаметр поршня
диаметр стержня
длина хода поршня
Cylinder Material
Stainless Steel
End Connector
Ball & Socket Joint
End Connector Material
Stainless Steel
Maximum Force
Minimum Force

Дополнительная информация

Camloc Instruction Leaflet SXV4101000009
Stainless Steel Swift & Sure High Corrosion Resistant Gas Spring Data Sheet SXV4101000009