T0053440399, WT 1012 WT 1/WSP 80/WSR 2

PartNumber: T0053440399
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Производитель: Weller Tools
T0053440399, WT 1012 WT 1/WSP 80/WSR 2
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Weller WT1012 Soldering Set/Power Unit/Soldering Iron/Safety Rest
WT 1012 soldering station kit consist of the WT1 90 W one-channel power unit, WSP 80 soldering iron plus the WSR 201 safety rest.

WT I is a one channel soldering station power unit. The power unit includes a detailed LC display giving you an instant overview of all functions. The functions are quick and easy to read using an easy to operate menu button. The LC display is a graphical backlit LC display. You can work with different tip types rapidly due to the quick change process of the heating element. The power units can be stacked on top of each other plus can be easily stacked on the WTHA 1 hot air station.
WSP 80 high performance 80 W soldering iron uses silver line heating technology. Soldering tips can easily be replaced. The tip type is HS, HPB plus the tip family is LT.
The WSR 201 safety rest has a metal wool brass and sponge so you can choose between wet and dry cleaning. A tip retainer is included in the rest

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WT 1012 Set
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Type F - Schuko plug, Type G - British 3-pin
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