XT A, Weller Solder Chisel Tip

PartNumber: XT A
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XT A, Weller Solder Chisel Tip
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XT Series for WP120

These XT series soldering iron tips from Weller offer a fast reaction time and maximum heat transfer.
For use with the WXP 120 / WP 120, these soldering iron tips are ideal for soldering small to large components with higher heat demands.

Weller soldering tips are made up of:

A high quality copper core that effectively transfers heat to the solder point
Copper core galvanised with a ferrous coating to extend service life of soldering tips
The solder tip itself is tin-plated preventing oxidation
This is all contained within a corrosion-resistant nickel coating
Finally, the tip is finished with a special chrome coating which limits the wetting area, helping to improve accuracy

Weller recommends the use of Weller-branded solder wire to achieve the best soldering performance and maximise the service life of your Weller soldering products.

Штекеры - Weller Tips

Weller Tip to Iron Compatibility
StyleSuitable Irons
LTWP80; WSP80; FE75;
TCP Soldering Iron; LR21 & MLR21 with suitable adapters
D/1WSP80; WP80
K/2WSP80; WP80
S3WHS 40
XNTWXP 65; WP 65
XT/XHTWXP 120; WP 120; WXP 200; WP 200


Технические параметры

для использования с
WP120 Soldering Pencil
размер наконечника
1.6 x 0.7 mm
Tip Series
Tip Shape
Straight Chisel

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet XT A
Tip Brochure XT A