TC2030-MCP-NL, Кабель внутрисхемного программатора и отладчика Tag Connect без ножек

PartNumber: TC2030-MCP-NL
Ном. номер: 8072784330
Производитель: Microchip
TC2030-MCP-NL, Кабель внутрисхемного программатора и отладчика Tag Connect без ножек
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The TC2030-MCP-NL is a Tag Connect in circuit cable with out legs that provide a simple, reliable means of connecting debuggers and programmers or other test equipment to your PCB's while lowering board costs and facilitating efficient production programming. Tag Connect uses a specially designed (Patent Pending) connector which eliminates the need for putting a programming header or other mating connector on every PCB. Instead, Tag Connect uses tried and tested spring pins rated for 100, 000 operations to make a secure connection to a special footprint pattern of pads and locating holes on PCB. The footprint can take up as little board space as 0.02 square inches which means we can locate the footprint right next to the MCU if desired. This cable uses high reliability spring pins which connect to a tiny footprint of pads and locating holes on your PCB. It has three steel pins that ensure accurate alignment and correct orientation and is hand held during a fast programming operation.

• No mating connector required on PCB
• Tiny footprint
• High reliability pogo spring pins for secure connection
• Rugged design for highly repetitive use
• Designed so it can only be inserted the correct way round
• Two versions both designed to cut cost, save time and save space on PCBs
• Suitable for production programming operations and applications where board space is a premium

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Технические параметры

Тип аксессуара
Tag-Connect In-Circuit Cable Without Legs
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Debuggers and Programmers

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