TEAX32C20-8, Audio Exciter, 32mm type

PartNumber: TEAX32C20-8
Ном. номер: 8035321950
Производитель: Tectonic Elements
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Tectonic Elements Audio Exciters

A range of highly-optimised electro-dynamic audio transducers from Tectonic Elements that can be used to turn flat surfaces into effective high quality loudspeakers. With a wide range of sizes and styles, and power ratings up to 30W, these versatile moving-coil exciters are suitable for a diverse range of both indoor and outdoor applications including modes of transport, consumer electronics, and industrial type products. Excellent sound radiators can be produced using a variety of rigid materials including paper honeycomb and foam board and plastics. These compact devices offer space and weight savings, and can be used to create robust, 'invisible' loudspeakers that deliver full range audio with wide sound dispersion.

Classic General Purpose Audio Exciters:

13mm Voice coil, 1W, 8ohm 876-5235 TEAX13C02-8/RH
19mm Voice coil, 2W, 8ohm 876-5266 TEAX19C01-8
25mm Voice coil, 5W, 8ohm 876-5244 TEAX25C05-8
25mm Voice coil, 10W, 8ohm 876-5269 TEAX25C10-8/HS

Low-profile Audio Exciter:

19mm Voice coil, 21, 4ohm 876-5263 TEAX19C01-4/LP

Soundpax Audio Exciter:

25mm Voice coil, 10W 8ohm 876-5247 TEAX25C10-8/SP

Special Application Exciters:

Compact 14mm Voice coil, 0.8W, 8ohm 876-5272 TEAX14C02-8
High Power 32mm Voice coil, 10W, 8ohm 876-5275 TEAX32C20-8
High Power 32mm Voice coil, 30W, 4ohm 876-5279 TEAX32C30-4/B

Moving Coil Exciters

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Технические параметры

амплитудно-частотная характеристика
100 Hz → 15 kHz
номинальная расчетная мощность
Maximum Rated Power
Maximum Frequency Response
15 kHz
Minimum Frequency Response
100 Hz
Frequency Type
Full Range
Driver Shape
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Дополнительная информация

TEAX32C20-8 High Power Exciter TEAX32C20-8