TEKTF00381001911, Leaded gunmetal tube,1 1/

PartNumber: TEKTF00381001911
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Производитель: Macreadys
TEKTF00381001911, Leaded gunmetal tube,1 1/
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Leaded Gunmetal, (Cast Lead Bronze)

A general purpose free-machining lead bronze. Although lower in tensile strength than phosphor bronze, it possesses good bearing properties with the ability to conform to minor shaft misalignments. The presence of lead reduces friction, running temperature and the possibility of seizure under conditions of poor lubrication.
Supplied in 13in lengths

Conforms to SAE 660 (SAE 660 can also be used as an alternative to BS 1400 LB4)

Typical applications - bearings, bushes, washers and linings and for conditions with less than adequate lubrication. It may also be used in conjunction with softer shaft materials than would be recommended for the harder lead-free phosphor bronze.

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