THS503R9J, Resistor aluminium CLAD 5

PartNumber: THS503R9J
Ном. номер: 8029446725
Производитель: TE Connectivity (Tyco)
THS503R9J, Resistor aluminium CLAD 5
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The THS series from CGS - TE Connectivity are aluminium housed power resistors. The extremely stable, high quality wire wound resistors are capable of dissipating high power in a limited space with relatively low surface temperature. The power is rapidly dissipated as heat through the aluminium housing to a specified heatsink. This resistor is made from quality materials for optimum reliability and stability. The aluminium housing power resistor is designed for general purpose use, power generation and the traction industry. It is also used in braking resistor, balancing resistor, capacitor charging and discharging, crowbar, filter, electrical machinery general use and available through distribution.

• Resistance range from 0.01ohm to 100Kohm
• Power rating range from 10W to 20W, maximum working voltage range from 160V to 1.25KV
• Versatile product with reliability
• Long term stability
• Minimum insulation resistance is 10.000Mohm (dry), 1000Mohm (after moisture test)
• Temperature coefficient is 50ppm/°C(below 100R), 30ppm/°C( above 100R)
• Standard tolerance is 5%
• High voltage, high power resistor

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