TIH030M 230V, Bearing Heater,SKF,40kg c

PartNumber: TIH030M 230V
Ном. номер: 8062714101
Производитель: SKF
TIH030M 230V, Bearing Heater,SKF,40kg c
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Bearing Induction Heater
Avaialble in 230V version (RS 4979584) and 110V version (RS 6808018 )

SKF induction coil Bearing Heaters designed to carefully and evenly heat bearings that are mounted with an interference fit onto a shaft. Bearing heaters allow bearings to be installed without the need for specific hand tools, and therefore eliminate the need for force to be applied to the bearing during installation. Bearing heaters may be used to heat other engineering components, such as gears, pulleys, bushes, and shrink rings, where the bearing heater-component being heated forms a closed electrical circuit. The induction coil is housed outside the heater housing, thereby providing a shorter heating time and reduced energy consumption during use. Foldable bearing support arms facilitate the heating of larger bearings/other suitable components, and a magnetic temperature probe helps prevent overheating. The heaters feature an integrated, easy-to-use control panel and handset/remote control. An integrated carrying handle is built into the bearing heater design, and each heater comes complete with three yokes

Technical Specification
Voltage230V, 50-60Hz
Max. Weight40kg (88lb)
Bore Range20-300mm (0.8-11.8in.)
Dimensions450 x 195 x 210mm
Total Weight (inc. yokes)20.9kg (46lb)
Max. Power Consumption2.0kVA
Standard Yokes Supplied45 x 45 x 215mm
28 x 28 x 215mm
14 x 14 x 215mm

No fitted electrical cable plug is supplied with the bearing heater. An approved electrical plug should be attached by a suitably-qualified individual to suit local requirements, such as: (UK) BS1363 rubber plug 488-387; (FR) rubber plug 700-1094; (DE) Schuko rubber plug 705-0822; or (US and JP) nylon plug 316-0133

Индукционные нагреватели
SKF Electric Induction Heaters and Hot Plates enable bearings and other machinery components to be heated prior to installation. The induction heaters and hot plates are suitable for use with a variety of component sizes (actual sizes accepted depend on which induction heater or hot plate is used) and individual components may be heated to 200/250°C. SKF induction heaters and hot plates are thermostatically-controlled, and for safety reasons, overheat protection is also incorporated into the units to ensure that the induction heater or hot plate is switched off in the event of thermostat failure.

Pneumatics, Hydraulics & Power Transmission

Технические параметры

напряжение (источника) питания
230V AC
Макс. размер высверленного отверстия
Minimum Bore Size

Дополнительная информация

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