TLE6251-2G, Высокоскоростной САN приемопередатчик [SO8]

Артикул: TLE6251-2G
Ном. номер: 9000319094
Производитель: Infineon Technologies
Фото 1/2 TLE6251-2G, Высокоскоростной САN приемопередатчик [SO8]
Фото 2/2 TLE6251-2G, Высокоскоростной САN приемопередатчик [SO8]
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The TLE6251-2G is a high speed CAN-Transceiver with wake and failure detection. It provides an excellent passive behaviour in power-down. This feature makes the TLE6251-2G extremely suitable for mixed power supply HS-CAN networks. It provides different operation modes with a very low quiescent current in sleep mode. Based on the high symmetry of the CANH and CANL signals, the transceiver provides a very low level of electromagnetic emission (EME) within a broad frequency range. Based on the Infineon Smart Power Technology SPT®, it provides industry leading ESD robustness together with a very high electromagnetic immunity (EMI). The Infineon Smart Power Technology SPT® allows bipolar and CMOS control circuitry in accordance with DMOS power devices to exist on the same monolithic circuit. The transceiver and the Infineon SPT® technology are AEC qualified and tailored to withstand the harsh conditions of the automotive environment.

• Very low power consumption in sleep mode
• Bus wake-up and local wake-up
• Inhibit output to control external circuitry
• Split termination to stabilize the "Recessive" level
• Separate VIO input to adapt different micro controller supply voltages
• Separate output for failure diagnosis
• Optimized for low electromagnetic emission (EME)
• Optimized for a high immunity against electromagnetic interference (EMI)
• Protected against automotive transients
• Receive-Only mode for node failure analysis
• Bus dominant clamping diagnosis
• Power-up and wake-up source recognition
• Short circuit proof and over-temperature protection
• Green product
• AEC Qualified

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Datasheet TLE6251-2G

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