TMMP 2X170, Standard Jaw Puller, 2 Ja

PartNumber: TMMP 2X170
Ном. номер: 8093356037
Производитель: SKF
TMMP 2X170, Standard Jaw Puller, 2 Ja
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Bearing Puller
Versatile, high quality carbon steel bearing pullers from SKF, available in two of three jaw design. A simple and effective way to dismount small to medium bearings and components.

Cone system for automatic centring and secure positioning of arms
Strong springs keep arms apart for easy operation
Hardened, high quality carbon steel

Bearing Mounting, Dismounting and Inspection Tools
Bearing tools help maintain maximum bearing service life and help to optimise machine performance. In addition, bearing tools contribute to the overall safety and performance of a system. A range of bearing tools are available from SKF that include bearing pullers, bearing mounting and dismounting tools, bearing heaters, manual and automatic bearing lubricators, inspection equipment including bearing electrical discharge detectors, stroboscopes, alignment tools, protection blankets, infrared thermometers, and shim kits. Certain bearing tools are available in kit form.


Технические параметры

170 mm
материал корпуса
High Quality Carbon Steel
гидравлическая сила

Дополнительная информация

TMMP Instructions for Jaw Puller SKF TMMP 2X170
TMMP Jaw Puller Data Information TMMP 2X170