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TOP243PN, AC/DC Converter IC, TOPSwitch-GX Family, Flyback, 85 VAC - 265 VAC, 15 W, DIP-7

PartNumber: TOP243PN
Ном. номер: 8101870680
Производитель: Power Integrations
TOP243PN, AC/DC Converter IC, TOPSwitch-GX Family, Flyback, 85 VAC - 265 VAC, 15 W, DIP-7
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The TOP243PN is an extended power design flexible EcoSmart® Integrated Offline Switcher uses the same proven topology as TOPSwitch, integrating the high voltage power MOSFET, PWM control, fault protection and other control circuitry onto a single CMOS chip. Many functions are integrated to improve design flexibility, performance and energy efficiency. It is an integrated switched mode power supply chip that converts a current at the control input to a duty cycle at the open drain output of a high voltage power MOSFET. During normal operation the duty cycle of the power MOSFET decreases linearly with increasing CONTROL pin current. It incorporates many additional functions that increase power supply performance and design flexibility. A patented high voltage CMOS technology allows both the high voltage power MOSFET and all the low voltage control circuitry to be effectively integrated onto a single monolithic chip.

• Extended power range for higher power
• Fully integrated soft-start for minimum stress/overshoot
• Externally programmable accurate current limit
• Wider duty cycle for more power, smaller input capacitor
• Line under-voltage detection - No turn-OFF glitches
• Line overvoltage shutdown extends line surge limit
• Line feed-forward with maximum duty cycle reduction rejects line ripple and limits DCMAX at line
• Frequency jittering reduces EMI and EMI filtering
• Regulates to zero load without dummy loading
• Half frequency option in Y/R/F packages for video
• Hysteretic thermal shutdown for automatic fault recovery
• Large thermal hysteresis prevents PC board overheating
• Frequency lowered with load for high standby efficiency
• Allows shutdown/wake-up via LAN/input port
• 132kHz Frequency reduces transformer/power supply size
• 80mW at 110VAC, 160mW at 230VAC Extremely low consumption in remote OFF mode

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Технические параметры

Минимальная Рабочая Температура
Максимальная Рабочая Температура
Класс Мощности
Количество Выводов
Уровень Чувствительности к Влажности (MSL)
MSL 3 - 168 часов
Минимальное Входное Напряжение AC
Максимальное Входное Напряжение AC
Топология (Общая Схема Соединений)
Стиль Корпуса Преобразователя AC / DC

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Datasheet TOP243PN