TPA3118D2DAP, Усилитель звуковой мощности, D, 2 канала, 30 Вт, 5В до 26В, HTSSOP, 32 вывод(-ов)

PartNumber: TPA3118D2DAP
Ном. номер: 8023699389
Производитель: Texas Instruments
TPA3118D2DAP, Усилитель звуковой мощности, D, 2 канала, 30 Вт, 5В до 26В, HTSSOP, 32 вывод(-ов)
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The TPA3118D2DAP is a 30W Stereo (BTL) Class-D Audio Amplifier with SpeakerGuard™ for driving speakers up to 100W/2R in mono. The high efficiency allows it to do 2 x 15W without external heat sink on a single layer PCB. The TPA3118D2 can even run 2 x 30W/8R without heat sink on a dual layer PCB. The TPA3118D2 advanced oscillator/PLL circuit employs a multiple switching frequency option to avoid AM interferences, this is achieved together with an option of either master or slave option, making it possible to synchronize multiple devices. The TPA3118D2 device is fully protected against faults with short-circuit protection and thermal protection as well as overvoltage, under-voltage and DC protection. Faults are reported back to the processor to prevent devices from being damaged during overload conditions.

• Supports multiple output configurations
• >90% Power efficiency combined with low idle loss greatly reduces heat sink size
• Multiple switching frequencies
• Feedback power-stage architecture with high PSRR reduces PSU requirements
• Programmable power limit
• Differential and single-ended inputs
• Stereo and mono mode with single-filter mono configuration
• Single power supply reduces component count
• Green product and no Sb/Br

Полупроводники - Микросхемы\Усилители и Компараторы\Аудио Усилители

Технические параметры

Количество каналов
2 канала
Выходная мощность
Минимальная Рабочая Температура
Максимальная Рабочая Температура
Количество Выводов
Уровень Чувствительности к Влажности (MSL)
MSL 3 - 168 часов
Диапазон Напряжения Питания
5В до 26В
Стиль Корпуса Усилителя
Импеданс Нагрузки
Класс Усилителя