TPS2546EVM-064, Оценочная плата, USB коммутатор с портом для зарядки и контроллер

PartNumber: TPS2546EVM-064
Ном. номер: 8070648026
Производитель: Texas Instruments
TPS2546EVM-064, Оценочная плата, USB коммутатор с портом для зарядки и контроллер
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The TPS2546EVM-064 evaluation module (EVM) helps designers evaluate the performance of TPS2546 device. The TPS2546 is a USB charging port controller and power switch with an integrated USB 2.0 high speed data line (D+/D-) switch. It provides the electrical signatures on D+/D- to support charging schemes listed under device feature section. Tests charging of popular mobile phones, tablets and media devices is possible with the TPS2546 to ensure compatibility with both BC1.2 compliant and non BC1.2 compliant devices. In addition to charging popular devices, the TPS2546 also supports two distinct power management features, namely power wake and port power management (PPM) via the STATUS pin. Power wake allows for power supply control in S4/S5 charging and PPM the ability to manage port power in a multi port application. Additionally, system wake up (from S3) with a mouse/keyboard (both low speed and full speed) is fully supported in the TPS2546.

• Compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0 power switch requirements
• Adjustable current limit of 230mA to 2800mA
• 73mohm high side MOSFET
• 2.6GHz bandwidth USB 2.0 data switch
• Screw jack type input and output connectors
• Jumper for device enable input
• Supports USB 3.0 data pass through
• Meets Chinese telecommunications industry 2.0 standard YD/T 1591-2009
• Fast overcurrent response of 1.5µs typical

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Оценочная плата TPS2546
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