TPS54341DPRT, Импульсный понижающий DC-DC стабилизатор, регулируемый, 4.5В-42В (Vin), 800мВ-41В, 3.5А, WSON-10

PartNumber: TPS54341DPRT
Ном. номер: 8014539795
Производитель: Texas Instruments
TPS54341DPRT, Импульсный понижающий DC-DC стабилизатор, регулируемый, 4.5В-42В (Vin), 800мВ-41В, 3.5А, WSON-10
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The TPS54341DPRT is a Step-down Regulator with an integrated high-side MOSFET. The device survives load-dump pulses up to 45V per ISO 7637. Current-mode control provides simple external compensation and flexible component selection. A low-ripple pulse-skip mode reduces the no-load supply current to 152µA. Shutdown supply current is reduced to 2µA when the enable pin is pulled low. Undervoltage lockout is internally set at 4.3V but can increase using an external resistor divider at the enable pin. The output voltage startup ramp is controlled by the soft-start pin that can also be configured for sequencing/tracking. An open-drain power-good signal indicates the output is within 93 to 106% of the nominal voltage. A wide adjustable switching-frequency range allows for optimization of either efficiency or external component size. Cycle-by-cycle current limit, frequency foldback and thermal shutdown protects internal and external components during an overload condition.

• High efficiency at light loads with pulse skipping Eco-mode™
• Synchronizes to external clock
• Low dropout at light loads with integrated BOOT recharge FET
• Adjustable UVLO voltage and hysteresis
• Undervoltage and overvoltage power-good output
• Adjustable soft-start and sequencing
• Supported by WEBENCH® Software Tool
• 87mR High-side MOSFET
• 0.8V 1% Internal voltage reference
• Green product and no Sb/Br

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Технические параметры

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Максимальная Рабочая Температура
85 C
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Понижающий (Понижающий)
Корпус ИС DC / DC Преобразователя